About Us

Value Statement

Our faith‐based Mission is driven by a “preferential option for the poor”, flows from Catholic Social Teaching, and espouses five core values:

Dignity, Justice, Charity, Solidarity, and Excellence.

Dignity: We believe that every human being is a gift from God, made in the image and likeness of God. Thus all human life, at every stage of life, is sacred and so is en􀆟tled to recogni􀆟on, respect, self worth, and the opportunity to develop individual potential.

Justice: We believe human dignity enjoins upon each of us the obligation to treat one another, clients, family, friends, staff and volunteers, with fairness, with equality, with due process, and without prejudice, Justice dictates everyone’s right to life and to life’s basic necessities, namely food, shelter, health care, educa􀆟on, employment and a just wage, and it obligates us to respect, protect and insure these rights.

Charity: We believe that daily we are called to witness God’s love in the way we speak and act with one another, those whom we serve, work for and with, This obligation to love as God loves is firmly rooted in the Judeo‐Christian tradition:

Love others as you love yourself.(Leviticus 19:18)
This is my commandment—love one another as I love you.(John 15:12)

Solidarity: We believe that as children of God we are, all of us, one human family in the world, Thus we are required to recognize all people, here is our Diocese, in our State, our country, and across the world, as our neighbors, as our brothers and sisters

and that we are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers. (The Good Samaritan—Luke 10:27‐37)

Excellence: We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards of care and service.

Respect: Reverence we show each and every human being based on the fact that they are the sons and daughters of God. St. James 2:26 For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.